Changing Lanes

Developing IMDATHNE, even in such a short time, has given me a lot to think about. I love development, and want to continue. But my original vision for the project just isn't feasible with my time constraints, and the amount of other things I have to work on.

So I've scaled back my original intentions for the project. No longer will the final release be a visual novel, or run in Unity. It will be a Twine game through and through, with a few illustrations throughout. Avith Ortega is also no longer attached to this particular project, though he will be providing the score for my next, yet-to-be-announced title. 

IMDATHNE will be finished relatively soon, which will not only give me time to focus on the myriad other projects I am constantly juggling, but provide a reliable narrative base for people to look to if they want to see what I'm capable of. As of writing, expect a full release by January. 

I'm also in the middle of transitioning to full-time independent development, which you can help me with via my Patreon page right here.

Thank you for your interest,

Jordan Leendertsen

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